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04-18-2010, 11:32 AM
I just purchased the Vivacity plug in and installed. However it will not show up under Filter>Topaz in my Photoshop. I copied the liscense key when I was give it on the download page and installed. Notices says it was installed successfully, but doesn’t activate. It does show up in the 32 bit version.

I am using CS4 64 bit
Win 7 64 bit OS

Will this show up only in the CS32 version? Adds said would work with 64 bit versions…



Topaz Labs Support
04-19-2010, 03:18 AM
Hi Ed,

Thanks for your message and for your interest in Vivacity.

Unfortunately Topaz Vivacity is not 64-bit CS4 compatible. It will only run in 32-bit CS4.

You can find system information and requirements for each Topaz program by clicking on the Compatibility button on any product page.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

04-30-2010, 06:57 AM
Thanks Ashley....some disappointment in that the product compatabiity screen noted 32 and 64 bit, wich is the reason I purchased it. Are there plans for making this 64 bit compatable?

Topaz Labs Support
04-30-2010, 08:09 AM
Hi Edd,

What compatibility information were you reviewing. All current information shows Vivacity as not being compatible with 64-bit CS4.

Unfortunately Vivacity will not be made 64-bit compatible.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.